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Black Jack

Black Jack is the game that probably every one have seen och tried out. If you have not played yourself you certainly have checked out when a buddy play. Black Jack is a card game where you play against the bank. Blackjack have tensions, strategies and alot of chances to win. What else do you really need?

Black Jack is all about reaching the number 21 with your cards and winning against the bank. The remaining players at the table affect the course of your game depending on whether they choose to take a card or not. Rembemer, you never play against them directly and therefore, you are also able of using your team-mates.

Background to Black Jack

Black Jack has a long history and historians as the game comes from the early 1700s when they played a version called "vingt et un" which is French for "21". Some argue that the game was invented in Italy, others from France and some says that England invented the game.