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Play Roulette at casinos around the world, both online and live. The game is a so-called table game where you make your bets before spinning the roulette wheel where the ball finally lands on one number, either red or black. There are many rules in roulette, but the basics of the game is fairly easy to learn.

Be aware that roulette is not based on skill, although it of course can improve their odds. The luck has to be on your side if you are going to be a winner. It is allthough exciting to see the wheel come rolling and await the outcome.

Background of Roulette

Roulette is available in two different forms, American and European roulette. The reason is that there emerged two schools on the two continents and they are obviously are closely related. The emigrant from Europe were the ones who brought the game over the Atlantic. The game grew exponentially and today it is one of the most popular game in a casino.