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Today, there is probably no one who has ever seen or used a slot machine. The slot machine is available in all casinos throughout the world and is also the game that is most associated with the concept of casino play. Slots is a very simple game to practice and the only thing that is understood by you is that you pull the lever or press the button and ofcourse also that you put in a lot of money. When the cylinders start to rotate, everything is up to chance and different combinations of shapes. The cylinders gives a predetermined gain in proportion to how much you have invested. Slots go today just to play anywhere on the Internet. Jackpots are often very large and occasionally beats dream profits down to a lucky player at several millions.

Background to Slots

The first game called slots derived from 1891 in which the different denominations of cards had been posted on a number of metal cylinders that on command could begin to rotate. If the player managed to create a combination of the cards he could also win money. The very first "real" machine was created by a gentleman named Charles Fey with the name of Liberty Bell. It was in this machine as the traditional fruit symbols and bells were used for the first time. During the 1970s, the micro chip became widely accepted and so the classic slot machines were replaced with electronic solutions.