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Video Poker

Video Poker is a very famous game. It is available in many varieties but the most common is to play a classic batch of draw poker with one change of cards. You do not play against any opponents. Profit is determined by a pre-written profit table where your stakes are multiplied by the profit table numbers, depending on which hand you are holding in showdown. The worst hand is usually a pair of Jacks, which pays 1:1 while the best hand is a Royal Flush.

Background to Video Poker

In fact, Video Poker is the casino game that was among the first games ever in the casino industry. The game was originally a mechanical solution with different card symbols which were randomly generated by large cylinders spun. Like a slot machine, players pulled a lever to spin the cylinders and managed to create a poker hand by the right card appeared on the cylinders. This means that video poker arrived even before the classic slot machine. Today, you can play video poker on just about every casino site available, and the idea is based on draw poker.