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Play Frozen Bubble Online

How to play Frozen Bubble

The object of Frozen Bubble is to shoot colored bubbles from the bottom center into the playing area forming groups of three or larger, all the same color. Each group you create is removed, earning you points.

group with 2 green bubbles
group with 3 green bubbles

Removing larger groups earns you increasingly more points. A basic set of three bubbles is worth 1 point each. The fourth bubble in a larger set is worth 2 points, the fifth bubble is worth 3 points, and so on.

Sometimes other bubbles will become orphaned and fall off when you complete a play. You earn 1 point for each of these bubbles.

If you hit a black bubble, it explodes and destroys all of the bubbles near it. You earn no points for these bubbles, but other bubbles may become orphaned in the process, earning you 1 point each.

The next bubble that will be played is shown at the bottom left corner of the board under a rainbow. You may find it useful to plan ahead.

If you cannot form a group of three, then part of rainbow at the bottom left corner disappears. When the rainbow is gone, all of the bubbles sift down. This may cause orphan bubbles to fall off, but they do not contribute to your score. If the bubbles cross the line at the bottom of the board, the game ends.

History of Frozen Bubble

This game was originally created by Taito in 1994. It was then called Puzzle Bobble or Bust-a-Move. In 1996 David M. Dobson created an improved version of this game, called Snood. The game is extremely simple, but many players also find it to be frustratingly hard at times. Frozen Bubble requires hand-eye coordination and strategy. Frozen Bubble is considered to be a difficult game that requires a lot of skill. Another name for the game is Bubble Up.

Source: Wikipedia

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