Play Type the Alphabet Game Online

How fast can you type the alphabet? Test yourself and play the ”Alphabet Against Time” online to find out. You can play as many times as you want, and it’s completely free. Feel free to invite friends and challenge each other to see who can type the alphabet in the shortest time.

About Type the Alphabet Game

The goal of Typing the Alphabet on Time is to type the English alphabet in the right order on a computer as fast as you can. It’s a fun game that challenges your speed, memory, and finger coordination—a game that trains your brain and your fingers. You can play solo or against others. The choice is yours.

Keep reading, and we’ll explain how this speed typing test works and give you some tips on how to improve your typing speed.

An example of what it looks like in the Type the Alphabet game if you enter the wrong letter. In the example, the player has missed entering O, which is shown by the O being highlighted in red.

How to Play Type the Alphabet on Time Online

The Alphabet on Time is about typing the English alphabet from A to Z as quickly as possible on a computer. There are a total of 26 letters, and the timer starts as soon as you begin typing. The letters have to be typed in the right order, and each correct letter will turn green. If you type the wrong letter, it will turn red, and you need to fix it before you can continue. You don’t have to erase it; just type the right letter. The game is over and the timer stops when you get to Z.

You don’t have to finish a round if you don’t want to; you can start over at any time by pressing the space bar. You can also start a new round by clicking the ”restart” button found above the game.


As mentioned earlier, the Type the Alphabet Game is timed. Just above the game board, there’s a timer showing how many seconds have passed. The timing starts automatically when you begin typing the alphabet and stops automatically when you’ve typed the last letter. When the timer stops, you can see how long it took you to type the whole alphabet. The time is presented in seconds and hundredths.

Next to the timer, you’ll see your best time so you can keep track of your time record. If you want to reset the record, click the ”reset record” button in the top left corner of the window.

Player opinions

Here’s what some of our players say about playing type the Alphabet Game with us:

”Simple to play and unexpectedly fun.”

By Sara

”The Alphabet on Time online is a fantastic tool that has improved my ability to type quickly. The key for me has been to practice regularly.”

By Jonas

Play Type the Alphabet Game for free

Do you want to test how fast you can type the alphabet for free? Then our Alphabet on Time game is for you. It’s free to play and really convenient as the timing is done automatically. The timing starts as soon as you press the first key, so you don’t need to start the timing manually, which could otherwise cost several valuable hundredths of a second. By playing online, you can also easily see when you’ve entered the wrong letter and start over from the beginning whenever you want. Of course, you can play the Type the Alphabet Game for free as many times as you want with us. You don’t even need to register to play. Just open the game directly in your web browser on a computer and start competing.

Tips to Get Faster

Do you want to boost your typing speed? Then check out our tips to help you excel in this typing game.

  • Practice! Don’t give up, each game round brings you closer to a better time, even if it feels very far off.
  • Try different keyboards; some are easier to type on than others.
  • Take breaks. Both fingers and the brain need rest to be able to perform.
  • Find someone to compete against. Competing against someone else can be a good incentive that sharpens the senses a bit extra.
  • Learn about finger placement when typing. Make sure your fingers are positioned as optimally as possible at the keyboard. Then experiment a little to see what suits you and the task best. Also, keep your fingers close to the keys so that no unnecessary time is spent pressing the keys.

Speed Typing record – best time

Speed typing games are popular in many countries around the world. One of the best in the world is SK Ashraf from India, who set the Guinness World Record in 2017 for typing the English alphabet in the right order and with spaces between each letter in 3.37 seconds

Different Variants of the Game

One can play type the alphabet game online against the clock in many different ways. Other variants may involve typing as quickly as possible on a touchscreen, typing with one hand, or even with eyes closed. Since the setup can be varied quite a bit, one can always try to set up different rules if one feels like facing a new challenge. If you usually play with two hands, you could, for example, reset the record and start playing with one hand instead.

As you can see, this alphabet game can be varied in many ways; use your imagination to make it as challenging and fun as possible for yourself.

However, keep in mind that the competition format determines what kind of time one can expect to achieve. Therefore, it’s not possible to compare different times unless the exact same competition setup was used.

It’s also not possible to compare times for different alphabets since they may contain a different number of letters. For example, you cannot compare times for the English alphabet with times for the Swedish alphabet, as the Swedish alphabet contains three more letters.

Playing the Alphabet Game on Mobile

Unfortunately, our alphabet game is currently not available to play on mobile devices. However, those who wish to practice or test how fast they can type the alphabet on a mobile device can surely find other sites for speed typing online.


Do I need to download any software to play ”Alphabet Against Time”?

No, but you need to have flash installed on your computer.

Can I compete against others?

We don’t show the results of other players, but you can always tell your friends about the game and ask them their best times.

I’m stuck; is it really possible to get a better time than 2 seconds?

Yes, practice is the secret! Try to find a good finger placement. Test different keyboards; some might be easier to type on.

How do I play?

It’s easy! Type the letters in alphabetical order; a timer starts as soon as you press the first letter and stops when you reach the last.

Why should I type the alphabet against time?

Because it’s fun! Plus, it exercises your brain, and you learn where the keys are on the keyboard, even the ones you might rarely use like X, Z, and Q.